Project Coordinator

Dr Mark Muldoon

Tel: +44 2890 974420


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School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Queen's University Belfast

David Keir Building

Stranmillis Road



Northern Ireland


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Mark Muldoon

Queen's University Belfast

Mark is the project coordinator of APPFlow, and a senior lecturer in QUB. His research focuses on selective oxidation catalysis and continuous flow systems.

Paul Dingwall

Queen's University Belfast

Paul is a lecturer in Physical Organic Chemistry at QUB. His research interests span from the study of catalytic reaction mechanisms to flow chemistry.

Karen Fahey

Arran Chemical Company

Karen is an expert in process design and scale-up to production scale. She has over 7 years of commercial process design experience.

Peter Knipe

Queen's University Belfast

Peter is a lecturer in organic chemistry at QUB, with research interests in synthesis and asymmetric catalysis.

Tom Moody

Arran Chemical Company

Tom has expertise in development of processes to chiral intermediates using chemo- and bio-catalytic technologies.

David Rooney

Queen's University Belfast

David is a professor of chemical engineering with research interests in reactor design and process engineering

Jillian Thompson

Queen's University Belfast

Jillian is a senior lecturer in chemistry and chemical engineering, with research interests at the interface of the disciplines.

Scott Wharry

Almac Group

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